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How to apply the ancient concept of drishti to your modern day world

Drishti: Focused gaze

If you’ve taken a yoga class, you’ve likely heard the word drishti. Drishti is the process of focusing your eyes on a single distant object, and that action helps you not fall over in front of the class when balancing in a tricky pose.

When you pick…

How to trick your mind to let down its guard.

Image by Walberg Carvalho from Pixabay

Recently I stumbled upon an ingenious way to break through the resistance of the thinking mind.

I’ve applied this method to amplify the benefits of affirmations.

An affirmation is a short, direct statement designed to help you take hold of your thoughts. They’re typically phrased positively, such as, “I’m happy and energized by the healthy food I eat”, versus, “I never eat junk food.”

Affirmations are…

Dr. Christine Bradstreet

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