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  • Varsha Lalwani

    Varsha Lalwani

    Eat-Sleep-Read-Repeat | Product Manager @ Delivery Hero | ex-trivago | ex-Data Scientist | IIT Kanpur 2015

  • Meghan Hatalla

    Meghan Hatalla

    Minnesota — based UX researcher and yoga instructor. You can find me as @megtalla in most spaces!

  • Lorna Rose Gill

    Lorna Rose Gill

    Psychologist | Poet | Ponderer | I write about mental health, nervous system regulation and finding joy | @lornarosegill

  • Saarim Aslam

    Saarim Aslam

    Trainee Psychologist & Writer. Open for work: saarimaslamwriting@gmail.com. Join my free newsletter: psychgrowth.substack.com. Psychology and Personal Growth

  • Juanita


  • Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Writing about Travel, Self Development, History and Politics | Featured in Start It Up, Mind Café, Better Humans & Better Marketing

  • Shelley Lieber

    Shelley Lieber

    Writer. Empath. Intuitive Guide. Other present descriptive nouns include mystic, muse, and tarot card reader.

  • Naheemat


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