Hi Maarten van Doorn,

When I have a persistent, nagging thought like that, I like to get quiet and have a conversation with it. Think of it as one part of all the many inner parts that we develop over our lives.

When the thoughts of a part keep returning in spite of our logical reasoning, it might have something it wants to say to you. Think of a little kid who wants to tell you something. They keep tugging at you until you look them in the eye and have a chat.

You may gain some insight as to why this part feels it’s “bad” to sleep late occasionally. Maybe there is something you can offer the part to make it more comfortable with the idea of sleeping later at times.

I wonder if you would feel better about it if the late mornings are scheduled in advance?

I think I’ll turn this answer into its own post later today 😉

Thanks for reading and responding!

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