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Updated 7/10/2018! I put my most popular content together in one place for you

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Thanks for checking out my top posts! These are the articles that had the most fans, and I hope you become a fan too.

Check back occasionally as the list is updated!

This first post went viral. In hindsight, I suspect we’ve all been frustrated by a narcissist. People are eager to learn how to spot them!

Some windsurfing lessons taught me a key to individual success. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out!

I got a surprise answer when I asked the Universe to tell me the purpose of my life. It helped me look at things completely differently.

If you watch the news these days, it can feel pretty depressing. But we aren’t powerless as individuals. There is something you can do every day to help the world, and it’s pretty darn easy.

Something is driving you, and it’s stealing your happiness. Learn what it is and skyrocket your happiness.

Life can be short. Too short to put off doing something new, something fun, something that has been a dream. I say go for it!

I’ll never forget this wise piece of advice a coach gave me years ago. I still use it when my schedule starts to feel hectic.

Personal peace skyrockets when you figure this out:

Please let me know the posts and topics you like the most. It will help me shape my future content.

My purpose here on Medium is to help readers live their happiest, most awesome and authentic lives.

As always, I wish you all the best!

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